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A digital ‘coffee table book’, this uplifting ebook is both inspiring and entertaining.

It explores the power and magic of the Smile and how we can use it to change our lives and the lives of others. 


It also empowers us with little gems about our Happiness, the power of Thought and our freedom to Choose.

It contains over ninety beautiful full colour, full page dog photos to put a smile on our faces, along with facts, quotes and more. You’ll be surprised by all the wonderful ways our smile can benefit us and those around us.


This book is a great resource to have in our own library to dive into again and again with reminders to motivate us towards happiness and joy, and photos that put a smile in our heart.

It also makes the perfect gift to give others The Gift of a Smile.

And now on sale for a short time ONLY $5.99

Length: 185 pages

Photographs: 90+ pages of photos

  Available on Apple Books.  Will be delivered to your Apple device immediately.  Click on link below.

This book is only available through Apple Books at present. In the future it may be released in other formats.

Enter details on home page to be notified or stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook.


Honestly it's challenging to write 'about' yourself authentically without feeling vulnerable. But I believe in authenticity so here is my attempt to summarise me for you :)

Nina Author 1.jpg
Nina Schepisi

I live:

In the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

I was born and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I love:

Nature, animals, music, dancing, photography, art, painting, laughter, travel, gardening, sunsets, dogs, time with friends and family, time alone, great food, eating great food with friends and family, entertainment, silence, camping, beach walks, mystery, conversation, community, growth, expansion, books, knowing, not knowing, pleasant surprises, adventure, freedom, the new, the familiar, great ideas, life, the universe, being in love, loving, sharing, people watching .... you get it :)

nina group smile 1.jpg
nina group smile 4.jpg

I believe:

In Self-Empowerment and helping others empower themselves.

I believe in mySelf and and I believe in something greater than me.

I believe in humanity. I believe in human rights, animal rights and the rights of Mother Earth. I believe in freedom, freedom of speech, of thought and of the right to choose. I believe we are sovereign beings.

I believe in the power of the mind and our ability to co-create our reality.

I believe we can change and that we can empower ourselves to change our lives and create a better world.

"Some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" John Lennon

I believe we are Divine Infinite Beings of love and light having a human experience. I believe we are far more than we realise. I believe everything is energy and we are consciousness expressing itself in form and that our individuated energy signatures are as unique as our fingerprints. I believe we are here to share the gift that is us by following what we are passionate about. What excites you? What is your bliss? What is your passion?


I believe we came here to express, experience, expand, evolve and love. Above all to love. I believe we have the power of choice in every given moment. And I believe we are waking up to our magnificence.

I believe it is time to express our authentic self regardless of the fear of judgement. I believe it's time to live from our hearts. I believe we can each be a contribution by being true to ourselves and who we really are while being kind and respectful to others.

I believe we are each a gift to this planet and to each other.

I believe in you too.

I worked:

In the film industry for a couple of decades in numerous capacities.

I produced music videos for a while

I owned and operated a dog walking business in Melbourne for nine years.

I walked packs of dogs, anywhere from five to ten dogs off leash, at parks, beaches and around creeks. I was surrounded by their love and joy daily.

nina group smile 2_edited.jpg

I work:

As a tranformational healing practitioner and empowerment coach.

I work part time in our local community garden's nursery planting seeds

I am also the author and photographer of the book The Gift of a Smile.

I am currently creating art

I studied:

Consciousness, the Power of the Mind and Energy Healing modalities for nearly 40 years and continue to work in this field whilst keeping up with cutting edge research.

I also studied Animal Communication.


My certificates include:

Advanced Theta Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Masters Results Technologies, Cognitive Reimprinting, Integrative Kinesiology, Reconnective Healing, Reiki, ChiNetics, Access Consciousness Bars, Past Life Regression, Energy training, a Masters in Hypnosis and I have many other tools for accelerating transformation and shifting consciousness.

nina group smile 3.jpg

I dream:

That we will wake up to how amazing we humans are and how connected we are to each other, other beings, the planet, the universe, the galaxy, the whole of existence. I dream that one day we will wake up to all that we are truly capable of creating. Till that day I will keep dreaming in a better world and keep learning, growing, sharing, living, loving and expanding out loud.

I dare:

To dream and to believe in my dream.

I dare to be a conscious creator.

I dare to take responsibility for my co-creation that is my life.

I dare to change. I dare to love and be loved.

I dare to be me, to be the whole of me and to be true to who I Am.

I dare to be authentic.

I dare to share me with the world. 

I dare to dare you to do the same :)

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