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"The experience with Nina is by far the most profound thing I have ever done in my life!!! I’m a changed women after 2hrs & yet still every bit of myself if not more so …. It’s just phenomenal!!! I highly recommend this beautiful spiritual healer…

Thank You Nina … I am forever grateful for our session!!! Luv Noula."

Noula  Melbourne, Vic,  Australia 

"There is something special about Nina. She helped clear blockages that prevented me from living a full life.  I now view the world in a completely different light; I feel confident in stepping out into this new world and realising my full potential.
Nina's approach is always from a loving place. She is warm, kind and considerate. Her smile is beautiful and her spirit exuberant."

Rosalie   Project Manager and Mother   Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia.

" I attribute some of my pivotal moments in growth and healing to Nina and

highly recommend her to anyone looking for strong profound change"

Nicole   Book keeper   Byron Bay, NSW,  Australia

"Nina is amazing! She is a god-send in my life from whom I draw endless courage and joy. Sessions with Nina are powerful and deeply insightful. I've been working with Nina for multiple years now and yet she still manages to surprise me with her gifts every time we meet up. The work we have done together has been life changing and I have grown so much because of her. I cannot recommend Nina enough: If you get a chance to work with Nina, take it!"

Daniel   Actor    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"Thanks Nina [...] you have had such a positive influence on my life and totally raised my awareness,

I am eternally grateful to you. Blessings sista :)

Naomi  Chef   Myocum, NSW, Australia

"Nina's very special healing abilities and wisdom have helped me bring significant changes in at a time in my life when I thought things were pretty much set and it was going to be more of the predictable 'same, same' as the years passed by. What a delightful surprise it's been to discover that I can change my beliefs, release old patterns, bring in and send out more joy, lighten up on responsibility, care for myself, have courage, listen to my heart and invite more light, love and opportunities in.
I'm grateful for the healers in various modalities who helped me through earlier life cycles of marriage, parenthood, divorce, careers, health challenges and spiritual searching. But my sessions with Nina over the past two years have been so much more expansive - an opening up of new possibilities and blossoming of deeper potential. For me this has much to do with Nina's extraordinary way of connecting with higher energies, tuning in with sensitivity to the person she's working with, and using her knowledge and wisdom for healing. It has blessed and enriched me."

Wendy   Writer, editor, mother of three   Melbourne, Vic,  Australia

"The work with Nina has been very transformative and wonderfully deep and nurturing.

Thank you for your sensitivity, courage and understanding."
Phoenix Arrien,   Coordinator at Openhearted Transformation Melbourne  Vic,  Australia

"Nina’s gentle, warm and intuitive exploration [..] was so powerful it has set my life in new and positive directions. She provided me with some guidance [..] which 3 years on I still practice today. Highly recommended to anyone wanting clarity in any aspect of their life."

Paul   Health Food industry,   Byron Bay, Vic,  Australia

“ Thank you again, Nina. You really really helped me so much, It was a truly life changing experience and you are a wonderful, gorgeous human….  Your advise and kind words follow me to this day. I am forever grateful to you. xoxox"
Jess   Cafe owner   Melbourne,  Vic,  Australia

"I met Nina about three years ago in Byron Bay and I feel she is a profoundly spiritually connected healer, with a genuine motivation to help people and a deep curiosity about how we grow and develop. My work with Nina has led to deep changes in my life in many areas and some of the deepest corners I thought would never change, particularly the layers of fixed ideas about myself and the people in my life, how things are and will be.
Our work together has also equipped me to more confidently work on things that come up between our sessions. I value the time we have enormously and always look forward to whatever there is to learn next.
I feel this is a very special gift and makes the time we spend so valuable.
To me, working with Nina is what makes life palatable, interesting and in some ways survivable! Life isn't easy, for anyone but especially sensitive people, and Nina has been central to helping me find ways to give it more meaning, less intensity, and make it more intriguing."
Rebecca  Manager Media and Communication   Melbourne, Vic,  Australia

"Her intuitive depth and knowing have given me greater insight to myself and my life's journey."
Sherrie   Business Owner.   Mother of two   Byron Bay/ Melbourne, Vic,  Australia

"Having been a client of Nina's for two years+ I wish to thank her deeply for her work. Nina's sessions have provided me the opportunity to explore and clear old beliefs and patterns of behaviour that felt restrictive, allowing me to be more present in my life and make choices centered in my heart's wisdom. I feel strengthened by the Reconnective energy and Theta from regular visits to Nina gaining insight and clarity into personal issues and moving further into a space of fulfilment and joy. I am grateful to have connected with Nina, her unique multi-faceted approach is both enlightening and soulful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Kristin    Brunswick Heads, NSW,  Australia

"I was so deeply affected by my treatment with you and am so grateful for the healing that took place in our session together"

Rebecca Walker. The Wellness Nomad.

“Nina has a beautiful way of working with her clients, which leaves you feeling comfortable and trusting from word go.

I had been struggling for most of my life to step into my full power as a woman and feel comfortable about putting my true self out there for the world to see. With only one session with Nina I felt my shoulders relax and a calm confidence replaced the tension and anxiety I had previously been feeling.

Two days later I was up in front of an audience presenting and for the first time in my life I was excited, rather than nervous.

I would highly recommend Nina and encourage others to experience what a beautiful gift she has.”

Tarryn    Melbourne, Vic, Australia

"In my experience, in addition to the conscious benefits, her [Nina's] healing offers transformation

that unfolds over the ensuing days and weeks after a session. "
Sandra   Art Therapist,  Melbourne, Vic,  Australia

"I had a session with Nina Schepisi when going through a major crisis. She is clear, concise and very good at getting to the crux of an issue, and her open and sunny disposition and insightful questions were just what I needed. Nina has had a very varied and interesting life and has many stories to tell, and this wealth of experience gives an extra dimension to her work

- a vocation in which she has found her true calling."

Liz Van Dort   IT Consultant    Melbourne, Vic, Australia

"Thank you so much lovely I always feel amazing after our time working together. I did write down half a page of stuff straight after the session as it was such important information. Speak soon, love and light <3"

Daniella    Perth,  W.A.  Australia

"Nina is an amazing energy healer, not knowing what to expect when I first met Nina I have been excited to see the change each session has made in my life and how I live in this world.  Nina was able to provide insights and guidance, completely clearing negative energy, patterns and limiting beliefs.  Every session with Nina has been energising and at the same time calming and balancing and I have been able to take this into my daily life.  Nina as a healer has an ability that truly helps you understand and clear what might be holding you back, get to the things that matter and help you integrate your lessons needed to grow."
Linda   Director of Customer Solutions   Sydney,  NSW,  Australia

'"I have known Nina for some years as a colleague and client. During this time I have been continually impressed by her consistent commitment, depth of knowledge and integrity in terms of her own spiritual journey and her work as a healer. Nina really does walk her talk, and brings absolute focus & connection with divine source to all of her therapeutic work. I would absolutely recommend Nina to anybody interested in exploring their own healing journey."
Alberta Richards   Psychic reader/ Astrologer  Gypsy Queen Tarot   Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

"I have had the pleasure of working along side Nina at the Medicine Wheel Healing centre in Byron Bay for the past 5 years. I have also had the privilege of receiving several incredible sessions, that have assisted in pin pointing and shifting old patterns and beliefs.
Nina's innate wisdom and insights are always spot on with whatever challenges I was facing at the time. It is quite difficult to articulate what goes on in a session with Nina as each session is entirely unique. You never know what information is going to come through, as she tunes in and combines her array of techniques that lead you on an inner journey of transformation.
She is a lady of integrity and her sessions are also very empowering as she provides tools that help you to continue the work once we leave.  The cherry on the cake is that all through the session she envelopes you in beautiful reconnective energy and other high frequencies that assist and cement in all the work that is been done - pure magic. Thank you Nina for your open heart."
Corinne Woodward   Owner of Byron Bay Medicine Wheel  2009 - Oct 2016   Byron Bay, NSW,  Australia.

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