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Why Blog? . . . For Inspiration!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I've been guided to write, to share, to blog.

I kept asking my Self why?

There are so many people out there with an opinion, sharing already, so why should I blog? What do I have to say that is any different to what is already being shared?

I kept thinking 'I don't know any more or any better than others that are already blogging/sharing their knowledge that is similar to mine'.

Then my guidance said "There are so many flowers out there already and they are all so beautiful, so why should I plant more?"

This made me smile and I realised the more flowers that are planted, the more people who get to see them and enjoy them. It doesn't matter that they are all flowers, they are all unique and have their own quality to share.

Some people will get more pleasure from some flowers than others and some people like myself just love the variety.

I got the message.

Each one of us is unique also and have our own special way of sharing even if the information is somewhat the same. We are all drawn to different forms of expression, and different energies, and the more forms out in the world saying the same thing the more chance we have of getting that point of view heard.

Also in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) they say that most people need a 3 time convincer. It's like we need to hear something 3 times, from 3 different sources before we really hear it. How often have you told someone something and they get back to you a little while later and tell it to you, like it's something new they have just discovered that you may not know about. And you're thinking "hello, I was the one that told YOU that!" It wasn't that they weren't listening to you, you were probably just the first person to say it and they had to hear it a couple more times till it sunk in.

So I've decided to join the other bloggers and be one of the voices that helps the message get heard.

Whatever the message is.

My messages will be varied. They will be my musings and my experiences. My messages will have one thing in common. They will be messages of Positivity, of Love, of Empowerment, of Evolution, of Helping Raise Consciousness, of leading a Joyful Existence, of getting the Most out o Life, of Unity, of Oneness, of Lightening Up, of Compassion, of Raising our Vibration, of Sharing, of Caring. Messages about a New Way of Being.

Mine is a message of moving away from the "victimhood", of thinking that life happens to us and moving towards living life from a place of Empowerment, from our Hearts. Here we realise we are the co-creators of our world. And that the world we live in is far more than what our five senses tell us and we are more amazing than what we've been lead to believe. We live in a world where anything is possible and we are beings that are capable of creating reality out of our dreams when we understand how.

My messages may come in the form of my thoughts, musings or in the form of anecdotes or true stories, or great quotes I like, or inspired writings of others, or thoughts channeled from my higher guidance. Some may just be stories to make us smile, or laugh. Some days it may just be amazing places I have seen on this wonderful planet to remind us to be in awe or in the innocence of childlike wonder.

Sometimes I may share exercises or tips I use with my clients. Or I'll share knowledge I have garnered from my studies and experience or ideas that have come to me. Or I'll share whatever I feel moved to share, it may just be my thought for the day.

We will see how it unfolds. Right now all I know is that I am guided to write and to share and that once I begin I will be guided from there.

So why blog? .... for Inspiration!. Not just for those reading but for me also. It will be interesting to see what comes through because, as we all know, once we begin something it tends to evolve and takes on a life of it's own. I look forward to the surprises it has in store for us.

I feel that even if only one person hears my message, or reads my posts and it inspires them, or moves them into their Heart or puts a smile on their face, then I have achieved my aim.

So many of us have been on a journey of learning, growing, evolving and expanding. Now it's time to share this experience, to come out of our cubby holes or caves or retreats. Time to step up, step out and to start living and expanding out loud. Together. In joy. Creating an even better world, for every Being.

Thank you for taking time out to read this.

Much Gratitude and Love


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